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Bob Davey taxidermist in the Ulster Museum working on Peter the Polar bear but now paints under Hamilton Sloan name

The most difficult part is over ... Peter is up on his feet. Here I am working on the finishing touches.

A pair of irish red deer stag and hind in the Ulster Museum mounted by bob davey taxidermist who now paints under Hamilton Sloan name

Helen admiring the pair of Irish Red
Deer, which I finished in 1973.

Bob davey and ken putting finishing touches to natural history exhibits at the Ulster Museum Final preparations before the re-opening of the refurbished Natural History exhibits at the Ulster Museum in the early 70s.

Bob davey who now paints under the name Hamilton Sloan working on Peter the Polar Bear in the Ulster Museum in nineteen seventy three

Peter the Polar Bear was finished in 1973

Hamilton Sloan studio and cottage between gweedore and bunbeg showing bog cotton

The cottage with Bog Cotton and new whitewash.

man cutting a turf bank beside the clady river coshclady between gweedore and bunbeg county DonegalCharlie cutting turf just across the river
behind the cottage

Hamilton Sloans cat looking out the cottage window at the snow during winter county DonegalZoot ( the most beautiful cat in the world ) watching the snow from the comfort of the cottage kitchen.

Hamilton Sloans niece catherine looking at a bicycle outside the cottage county Donegal

A young Irish Colleen.

people waiting at the pier for the boat to tory island

Waiting for the boat back to Tory .

girls performing irish dancing on the pier while waiting for boat to tory island

An impromptu performance while waiting for the Tory boat.

view of houses and harbour west town tory island

Approaching West Town, Tory Island.

Tory islander whitewashing a wall on tory island

A fresh coat of whitewash on Tory.

photo of derelict buildings houses and cottages on Gola island north west Donegal

Derelict buildings on the vacated island of Gola just off the coast of north west Donegal.