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Here is a selection of photographs taken on the Island of Heimaey which is off the south coast of Iceland, where I went with some friends to work in the fish factories in 1965 and again in 1967. As I remember, we boarded a ship called the Gullfoss which sailed from Leith in Scotland and took about four days to reach Reykjavik, then we made our way out to the Island. I believe the total cost for the journey was 17 pounds all in.

A view from the harbour towards the volcano which
erupted in 1973 with devastating results for the
population and the industrial life on the Island.

Because the harbour was surounded by land on three
sides it was a safe place for trawlers in the vicinity to
run for cover in a storm - which was quite often.

This rock formed the outer wall of the harbour and was
one of our favorite places to go on a Sunday afternoon.

There was'nt much to do after work or when a storm
blew up and the boats did'nt go out, so we just had to
make our own entertainment.

A view towards the harbour and the rock with one of

the factory hostels on the right. The lack of trees and

vegetation was a surprise to us, coming from Ireland.

Denis, Harry and myself playing a few tunes up on the
rock during the summer of 1967.