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Here is a selection of archive paintings.

Below each painting is a photograph of the location from which the inspiration was drawn.

painting of two men cutting a turf bank on the bog at coshclady gweedore county Donegal

The bog, Coshclady, Gweedore Co.Donegal

painting of three turf cutters having tea on the bog with mount errigal in the background by hamilton sloan

The bog, Coshclady, looking towards
Mt. Errigal Co.Donegal.

oil painting of two men stacking turf lough altan in the distance by hamilton sloan

Towards Lough Altan from the Mountain Road.

photo of two men cutting turf gweedore county donegal

photo of four turf cutters having tea break at gweedore county donegal

photo from the mountain road towards lough altan

watercolour painting by hamilton sloan of sheep by a mountain stream donegal

Towards Dunlewey, Co.Donegal.

oil painting of fisherman on lough altan

Fishing at Lough Altan, Co.Donegal.

oil painting by hamilton sloan of child with dog on beach at falcarragh donegal tory island in the background

Tory Island from Falcarragh, Co.Donegal.

photo of mountain stream county donegal

photo of lough altan behind errigal county donegal

photo of the beach at falcarragh county donegal